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Portrait Themes

Portraits are one of the most common types of photos taken. Family portraits. Kids portraits. Even pet portraits! We all enjoy looking at photos of people. But, many times, the portrait can be a little boring. We’ve all seen the

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Why Do We Take Photos?

Why do we take photos? What is the appeal that makes photographers continue to take photos? Professionals do it to get paid. It’s how they pay the bills. It’s how they put food on the table. It’s how they take

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Photographing a Couple

Photographing a couple is a little different than photographing a single person. There are a few more things that you, as the photographer, have to pay attention to. When photographing a single person, you have to make sure you have

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Using a Point and Shoot Camera

Using a point and shoot camera may not seem like an option to most photographers that take their photography seriously. After all, point and shoot cameras are just for taking snapshots, right? Well, that’s true, to a certain extent. But,

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First Model Photo Shoot

Shooting a model is considered a staple for many, if not most, photographers. Models are photographed for portraits, advertising, stock, etc. Most of us, especially when starting out, use family and friends as our models. It’s a great way to

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Buying Cameras and Lenses on Ebay

Buying cameras and lenses on ebay can be very rewarding. You can find some great deals on photography equipment. A lot of the items there are brand new with marked down prices. You can also find a lot of “like

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Blue Skies Without Photoshop

We’ve all seen them. We’ve all taken them. Nice subject. Well composed shot. But the sky is white as snow. Where is the blue sky? I’ll give you a little tip to keep in mind for getting blue skies without

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Digital Photography Vs. Digital Art – What’s the Difference?

There are some pretty amazing images out there, both digital photos and digital art. With digital cameras and editing software becoming more accessible to more and more people, these images are seen everywhere. Digital art and digital photography are two

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